Collectors Treasury – a #Jozi treasure

August 13, 2012 — 1 Comment

I’ve always loved second hand book stores. The smell of the books, the legacy that each of the books has left is tangible. Recently I discovered a treasure in johannesburg! The Collectors Treasury, an eight story building with over 1 million items on hand.

Google Images

This is no ordinary second hand book store, it’s the biggest in the southern hemisphere and has been running in it’s current address (244 Commissioner Street) for over 20 years now. When you arrive at a very unassuming building you’ll be greeted by a staircase that leads up to the first floor. The very first staircase is completely covered in books, a preview of what’s to come.

Google Images

Ask the owners for any book and they’ll gladly show you to the correct corner within the labyrinth of items.

My wife lost among the LP’s

There’s a very small lift, that can only fit three people max because it’s also stacked with books to the roof. Ask to be taken to the 6th floor and there you will find 500 000 LP’s.

Some of the oldest books I’ve ever seen. One of them from 1658 worth R40 000

I highly recommend visiting this treasure chest, but make sure you clear some time out of your day because you’re bound to spend more time there than what you had planned.



One response to Collectors Treasury – a #Jozi treasure


    My word – all these years and I never knew this place existed. Definitely must go on the to do list.

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