Maboneng, changing my perception.

June 15, 2012 — Leave a comment


You may or may not have heard of the Maboneng precinct in down town Johannesburg. I visited the popular ‘Arts on Main’ this past weekend and was extremely surprised by what I saw. In the years gone by the only reason I’d ever go to down town Johannesburg was to watch a Rugby match at Ellis Park. I’d grown up with the perception that if I go down town I would most certainly die.


Recently myself and Misty have been venturing into town out of curiosity. We started off of the Neighbourgoods Market and then Guild Hall Pub on Market street and now Maboneng. Maboneng offers a market, bioscope, theatre,  coffee chops, restaurants, hotel, art studios and apartments. But who would have known? I highly recommend visiting their website here and going for a visit. There’s something special about down town Johannesburg.

I’m really angry that I only discovered it now. I’m also frustrated that I’ve had the incorrect perception about down town Johannesburg for all these years.

I’m ready to discover more…

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